About the Art and the Artist

Creating something intricate and connected where nothing once was is a wonder that fuels art and all things creative. A creative burst like the point of singularity that birthed our infinite universe is how Dinara creates her pieces. All things start with a point and everything remains connected and expanding out from one another, growing to make a complex vision of many dimensions all held together by a collective balance in what may first appear chaotic.

Dinara's working style is renowned by the use of abstract figures, bold colors, symbolism and a touch of the mysterious. Things may not always appear as they are and each person finds different characters in a story. Collectors appreciate Dinara's work because their artwork changes stories and meaning with time, they find different meanings and new stories. This is what Dinara strives to accomplish with her work, the opportunity to discover a wonderland of possibilities. Her pieces are conversation starters among people of all ages and interests, igniting imaginations and inspiring storytelling and sharing ideas with each other.